July 30, 2008

Time Lord Elephant: Deliberate Distortions Distract from McCain's Record

Pretty clever strategy, selective reality when it comes to defining "what is true" in the moment. Since Barack Obama's positive reception overseas, McCain's damage-control teams have turned on the Republican weapon of mass confusion, initiating what I call their "timelord management©" program.

The highest lord manipulator, Dick Cheney has modeled this technique for years. Living firmly in the present tense, no matter what the topic, when hand caught in cookie jar, the Master Timelord grabs onto the here and now, with a foot stomp, brushing off accountability for what just happened, any other past events. The past is past so what?

Republicans "frame" the language, serve and spin to the other side. Then Democrats respond with a flutter of "rapid-response", pumping media-driven spin control back at 'em. Tied up in content when the whole game is process, the Dems strike a reasonable blow and wait. Moving on, the Timelord slams back, hits way over the line, then turns away, simply ignores the whistle and serves another slam. Even cable news and youtube can't stop McCain, the Lord Master Confusion of them all. He just keeps going, and going, a shark in water, energizer bunny of confusion, never stopping, no accountability, for what he just said, or didn't do, rewriting history along the way.

When confronted by others seeking the truth, a Timelord will look you in the eye, say nothing, send a "so what" message and babble off topic. A master move, the experienced Timelord flips a "what's your problem?" projecting all blame on the question, claiming victory every time.

Diabolically astute, taking a basic, cosmic principle of "living in the present", a formula for mental health, and working that principle to get out of past mistakes by never going there is the key to their success. A conscious choice in behavior, stealing time, stopping the clock allows McCain and his Republican high lords to change positions hourly, pull a "what's your problem" when caught in a dirty deed, deflecting all accountability in the process.

Talk amongst yourselves... it's good to be the scribe.

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