July 30, 2008

Speaker of the House Elephant: Nancy Pelosi for President

... the plot thickens in Washington politics, trusty hero Dennis Kucinich takes on Congressional leader's resistence to impeachment.

Boi-oi-oi-ng moment! Myself a working woman of the same generation as Speaker Pelosi, politically active, really-really for Hillary, suffering from a cracked skull, hitting the ceiling over and over (FYI: it ain't glass in my world... it's cement... they don't even see us technical, operations, HR or other middle managers) here it is... the one sure way to guarantee a Democratic sweep come November is for the Speaker to do exactly what she is doing.. stay cool, resist,and accept an order to impeach only if you are forced. Come to think of it, when Bush and Cheney choose to resign before they are impeached, when the people continue to demand truth returns to the front page, then a boomer woman becomes the first female President of the US of A!!!

Women need this moment... all of us still earning .77 cents on the dollar, working twice as hard as the guys (you know it), the big bulge at the bottom of the food chain, putting up with this for what? Women need this shot in the arm... that justice is served, the we are protected by our government, that our children learn the correct lessons. My God is smiling, and she has a terrific sense of play. No politics, no drama, just a women showing up on the clean up committee after the frat party. Hee!

Maybe, for just one "bright, shining moment" a woman leads as an honorable, interim President. And another great moment when President Obama takes his oath in 2009, as the torch is passed to a new generation of Americans, asking not what their country can do for them, but "Oh boy, what we can do for the planet!"


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