August 1, 2008

Today's Elephant: Media Naive Regarding McCain Race Card Attack

Welcome to my nightmare: the Dummy Down Conspiracy scores again on Day #2 of John McCain's bending of reality. Most interesting to me, you would think that the media folks on cable had never lived in an integrated neighborhood, only socialize with people of color at work or something?

Being from Chicago, under the original Mayor Richard J. Daley, this city was considered one of the most segregated and racist places in America. Under today's Richard Daley, thanks to the economic development policies of the Clinton-Gore Administration, we overcame in every way, successfully integrating numerous neighborhoods across class and income, simultaneously providing start up grants to more minority/women owned business' than ever in this country's history. We still have a long way to go, with areas of poverty and segregation that need the investment, but we are on it in our minds and actions, both in the city and the suburb where we now live.

1. Of course Sen Obama is black and I am white. That is a neutral statement of fact. McCain prefers that we don't acknowledge this truth? Barack Obama is also the first African American presidential candidate in American history. So we pretend he's just like every other potential president? Absurd suggestion.

2. Here's how the rest of us live... My neighbor Don is from Sri Lanka, next to him Leslie is Jewish; middle of the block we have one family from Serbia, one from Iraq, a Japanese family on the far corner, and a Jewish cop across from there. We know each other and socialize at weddings, the dog park, church, and other neighborhood events.

3. It is never "racist" to acknowledge the difference in race among people, but it is "discrimination" to make it a central issue of concern, to talk about it in this manner. That is throwing the race card out, suggesting that a mention of racial "difference" is wrong in itself.

As an educator, I am disappointed in my media pals- such great schools out there and you don't get this? Remember, our laws protect us from "discrimination", not racist feelings. Time to go back to the books- see Civil rights advances since EEOC for your reference.

Can't we all just get along?

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