August 4, 2017

Went to a neighborhood election debrief Sunday after the surreal HRC defeat. Met 3 thirty-something neighbors who voted for Trump, totally welcoming, friendly folks, not at all fringy.

As a life challenged senior, I was amazed such bright, successful thirty-somethings were so low information. We engaged in friendly chat, nice kids. I asked one of the ladies "why?" "Jobs" she smiled, a lovely smile, a newbie to the hood during the current invasion of apartment flipping attracting wealthier whites to move  here displacing those on fixed incomes, immigrants, people of color.

When I told them about all the job bills the Red Menace majority (my new term for nihilist Replutocrats) never even brought to the floor, other obstructinist points, there was no resistance at all, really listening.

After that brief encounter, I understood immediately why they went Red Party... absolutely dense by choice, just repeating fb gossip driven propaganda, Internet fake news. After decades of anti-intellectual assaults on teachers, science, public education...the cultural war...these particular voters are proof of a gossip soaked, rumor has it crisis.

 The struggle continues.

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