August 27, 2008 Elephant: The Press in Denial

Watch this clip of Chris Matthews panel, with hordes of screaming demonstrators being completely ignored. A must see video.

On a serious note, why isn't the press talking to them, interviewing counterculture leaders, finding out what's the beef? That would be juicy news, from the people's perspective, as if we want to hear the media talking heads pontificate and pat each other on the back all day. There are lots of protest stories coming out of Denver including arrests, some claims of brutality- why isn't the media on top of that real news instead of all these panels devoted to spin, gossip and drama? Is it because these "actors" would have to actually think, do the research, actually work instead of talk off the tops of their heads? Memo to the Media: Sitting pretty info-tainers with good salaries and great benefits pontificating out their butts does not fly with your audience. The phony insider banter, ego-driven chatter is becoming fingernails on a blackboard "boring".

Think about this week alone: Why no discussion about the incredible Democratic Party platform created with input from over 30,000 voters? That's real news, and the strategies defined in that plan are exactly where Obama-Biden and the Democratic Party are clear as a bell on their direction. Why, you'd think the press was so busy hitting on each other that they missed the platform completely, as reflected in the inane questions they keep asking out of ignorance.

The broadcast media industry has perverted into a stable of info-tainers seeking celebrity status, fame and fortune for themselves, with absolutely no regard for the truth, the seriousness of our situation, or the audience, the voters, the American people. Time to turn off the boob-driven tube and switch to public TV, the net or C-span to hear things straight from the horses mouth unfiltered by a bunch of knucklehead bougies faking it on the job.

Thank God for Luke Russert and the millennials... Hopefully they can get inside the media and create the change we all would like to see, the return to a free press and journalistic standards. We have enough celebrities.

PARTY to the people!

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