August 29, 2008

How Much is that Token in the Window Elephant: Win at Any Price Surrounds McCain Disaster

How much is that "token-girl in the window", the former model and mom of five, Sarah Palin. Another example of abuse against women, the poor thing was dazzled by the idea of VP, cheaply thrown out by McCain to hook women who supported Hillary? How absurd. Sarah supports right to lifers. NRA, Bush policies, drilling in Anwar. Cheerleader for the staus quo is more like it.

For McCain to suggest that someone with 2 yrs executive experience is qualified to be commander in chief is so perverted, such an obvious grab for power, especially after his attacks on Sen Obama's "inexperience".

Ironically, Sen McCain chose to announce Sarah's candidacy at his 72nd birthday event. Sidebar: The average lifespan of an American male today is 74 yrs, a frightening example of McCain's twisted thirst for power at any price. This victim, Sarah Palin is not qualified on any level to serve as commander in chief, should McCain survive even one term in office. How disgusting this entire suggestion.

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