March 11, 2008

Surrogate This! Time out for the Issues

When will Dems figure out that the entire electorial process is being "framed" by the staus quo, corporate media, no less? Eliot's mess, Geraldine's telling it like it is? Enough already.

If a candidate cannot manage surrogates, what on earth makes that candidate viable at all? Once again, all efforts on the part of Dems seem destined for failure. When will "old school" Washington losers get out of the way?

The last thing Dems need is to drive the intelligentia to Nader, you knuckleheads. And while you're at it, what makes you think your audience slums in major media, much less tunes in a TV at all? Ever heard of person-to-person marketing? guerrilla promotions? viral videos? Time to fire all those X-spurts (def: a drip already gone down the drain) and recognize that we live in the 21st century after all. The medium is the message, and Jon Stewart rules. Get over your bad selves.

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