March 9, 2008

The Democratic Party's BIG Elephant: Be Careful What You Ask For

I'm having a love affair with the American voter. Before Ohio and Texas, Hillary was written off by the Party, the press, the pundits. Whenever Party leaders predict a final choice is close, another slam-dunk from the people. Not so fast, fellas... Large voter turn out, hands on commitment to historic change, the Voters are sending a clear message- this time, we are calling the shots. Taking back the "people's party" from the Party, every state deserves a voice in this historic choice, that is the other message.

Barack is certainly contributing to this unique, voter momentum, calling for the average person to get involved, to take back the government. But then again, so is Hillary. The voters are taking both candidates literally, calling for a historic, revolutionary ticket in response. Visualizing a "what if.." scenario, obviously, we want both candidates on the ticket, too; that is why the record-breaking voter turnout.

A coalition, "people's" ticket at the top is where we want to go, nothing less. Voters have had it with compromise, radically seeking the healthiest ego in the Presidential slot, the one willing to follow our lead, take our advice, walk your talk. Seeking a quick, abrupt change, the people are determined to win big, in a historic moment of change our way, with or without your blessing.

PARTY to the people!

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