February 21, 2006

Outsource Elephant: What planet are we on?

None of what we are hearing from the Bush administration today makes any sense at all and gives me the whirlies. My brain is worn thin from trying to make rational sense out of ANY foreign security contracts being awarded since 9/11. What the heck does it take for these guys to pay attention?

Sometimes I feel like I have been abducted by aliens, set down in a parallel universe. Since 1989 (the dawn of "alternative" band Nirvana), I have felt completely disconnected with the way the world has taken a weird, hard turn. It all starts with the arts, the music, the cutting edge. I knew the minute I heard Nirvana on the radio, off-key and awful- and to think of them getting paid and coveted radio play? (ouch) Specifically, I had an epiphany, what I call "Smells like..." moment, America knows as the debut of Nirvana and the paid-for, media placement of alternative bands. Had we been abducted by some wierd alien force, taking us to the darkside, and "paid-for placed media", not the fans, deciding what "is" good music?? I digress....

Today, I am left speechless when it comes to the UAE contract for port security and just want to go crazy "pimping" these guys (One of my favorite "whack" expressions? George Bush is the anti-christ. I just wish he'd stop meeting criteria for this distinction every day, ya know?) You see, I am Irish Catholic, majorly confused and if there is one thing I believe after living a few years? my God has a HUGE sense of humor and this must be some kind of a joke.

Or else, just in case the outpatients are right...
See ya in church. (whew)

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