February 17, 2006

Freaky Friday- Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Pretty clever strategy, ignoring the realities of media-defined timelines when it come to defining "what is news". Since the shooting on Saturday, the Bush and Cheney damage-control teams have successfully demonstrated an innovative new methodology for handling embarassing issues, what I call "timelord management©". Living firmly in the present tense, the master manipulator, Dick Cheney has modeled this technique for years. What the press calls arrogance is truly a genius system of controlling information by demanding everyone live in the present exclusively.

The standard practice of "rapid-response", media-driven spin control, the one-two punchout that often gets us to the truth, is totally dependent upon the recent past. The successful timelord gets off "free" for past behavior by "moving on", by not "ackowledging" the immediate past, "when the thing happened", WHENEVER it is a timelord is attempting to cover up. Thus, explaining what happened then is totally usurped by the simple discipline of owning the present tense and sticking to it. Diabolically astute, taking a basic principle of "living in the present", a formula for mental health, and working that principle to get out of past mistakes by never going there is exactly what just happened.

How do they do it? A conscious choice in behavior, the timelord manages to first get the clock to slow down by simply ignoring the demands of "cybertime", the "wired 24/7" real world. That is how the master ends up controlling the agenda. Example: Instead of the traditional "press conference" in the White House, Cheney calls his buddy Roger Ailes at Fox News and has a friendly chat on camera with an admirer. Ditto the President-instead of addressing reporters at the daily White House press briefing, three days later, he slips in a one-liner as a sidebar during another state occasion.

If you really think about it, it was rapid-response that killed Clinton, while stopping the clock allows this VP and their cohorts, to not only be above the law, shoot first, but to not even have to answer questions in realtime? Wow, taking a healthy principle and twisting it to cover your errors is actually brilliant, if you are dishonest and incompetent in the first place.

What this country needs is a skilled opposition that knows how to fight in the present tense and can take this challenge on. Up the revolution!

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