November 21, 2005

Today's Elephant: Let the Debate Begin

Thank you, Congressman John Murtha, (D) Pennsylvania
.. For taking the time and the energy to do the research, and perform your "job" with skill and knowledge. By introducing your controversial proposal to the House, you have pried the jaws of Congress open, creating exactly what the voter's want- we want Congress to facilitate a public discussion of "where do we go from here" regarding Iraq, and by God, we want accountability.

Here's the elephant in the room today: No adult person with a clear mind is buying Mr. Bush's mantra "stay the course" anymore. Remember the definition of insane ... repeating the same self-defeating behavior, expecting a different outcome? This is all about Mr. Bush's credibility in the present tense, not whether or not he lied regarding why we went to Iraq. He is repeating the errors. More importantly, Iraq is now a visual, bloody, terminal issue and all about the body count in the last 6 months. Add to this recipe of failure no WMD's, no Osama, inadequate armor, the length of this "quick" battle, the growth of the insurgency, our troops getting creamed etc. and the press/Congress/Admin can't see the logic in the voters and what we are saying so loud and clear? Big, bad elephant.

By "calling the question", asking the Bush administration to account/report to the Congress in the here-and-now, based upon Bush-Cheney's own criteria as presented to Congress and the American people in a big, public way before the war, Rep Murtha has broken through the Bush spin of secrecy, national security, and false patriotism. It is a fact, by all the latest polls, that the voters know incompetency when we see it. These guys are simply, lousy managers, period. The general population, us regular schmoes, may be slow to act when faced with a credibility gap precisely because we entrust our officials with our votes and understand the human condition. But when that bond has been broken, well, just ask Mr. Clinton and the Democrats about that.

Most importantly, however, as a "baby-boomer" woman, I am grateful for Rep Murtha's total recall regarding the deja vu drip of death we are now experiencing in Iraq. His research recalls the dates, the numbers and the daily body counts that occurred in Viet Nam, the drip of dead bodies that accumulated over 10 years = 53,000 lives lost and hundreds of thousands wounded and infirm. Are we condemned to repeat this cycle of "waste"? The American people are demanding that Congress open the doors and let the debate begin now, not in the future, not in the press, but in the halls of Congress where the discussion belongs.

God bless John Murtha for standing upright on the values of wisdom, serious research and total recall. The truth shall set us free!


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