June 24, 2010

Armagettin' Outta Here: Mother Earth Losing Her Life Blood?

My husband is a genius. Not a scientist, just a regular guy, who concluded years ago (after the Oakland CA Earthquake) that maybe.... just maybe all this earthquake activity is related to the removal of oil itself? Creating a honeycomb of empty caverns when oil is extracted, he simply concluded that of course the earth above would quake and collapse whenever oil was removed. Beyond the "human error" cause of the Gulf spill, maybe "crude oil" itself is the lifeblood of Mother Earth and we're just too dumb to realize this simple truth. Why does oil exist in the first place? Do we really think oil exists just so we can drive cars, or could it be that we are literally attacking the circulatory system of the planet itself?

Another regular guy I know made a comment that maybe we are the problem and Mother Earth is trying to tell us something with every natural disaster. Like a cut to a major artery, the mere fact that we are extracting oil at all is killing our planet, draining her lifeblood. All might consider the possibility that we really know nothing and are literally killing the planet's "circulatory system" to serve our selfish needs.

This crisis in the Gulf offers us an opportunity to spend every waking "species" moment and every investment dollar to develop renewable energy, to save the planet's natural lifeforce from our destructive arrogance.

One of those things that makes you go hmmmmmm

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  1. BP has severed Earth's carotid and She is bleeding to death in the Gulf of Mexico!
    Mr Ed