December 7, 2009

Compromise Elephant: Implementing Healthcare Reform via The Operational Point of View

Can't help myself... Instructions to the Democratic majority: Management 101 strategy for success when it comes to "delivering" in real-time from a go-to manager...

The "everybody wins" scenario is totally achievable if you think "operations"
1. Edit existing legislation to include funding a study of workable, affordable, deficit neutral public option: open Medicare to those 50+ as your control group, paying a "righteous" monthly premium that will simultaneously address the "deficit" issue by creating an exclusive revenue stream to supplement Medicare by offering a "public", affordable healthcare option to those being laid off at the top of the food chain.
2. Set this research up via amendment that recommends Congress fund a "model" study of a the 50+ demographic workforce, and the single payer system, defining public option alternative as Medicare for this new group, saving money and gov expansion by using existing public program for study: with a start date of April 1, 2010 running through March 30, 2014 when other 'triggers" will benefit from this research as other public programs kick in (see current legislation launch dates)
3. Be transparent in your research and stay small i.e. focused on impact of medicare expansion on lowering prices and opening access to the financially challenged, top line and middle managers, large demographic of layouts today.

"Listening" is the key to "pleasing" all parties, which you absolutely can do, and actually will get things done.

Can't we all just get along?. Rodney King

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