July 9, 2009

CIA Elephant: Cultural Collision Challenges Congressional Oversight

There's something so lame to consider regarding the Panetta CIA statement... an old lesson from Sister Mary Listenup " The road to hell is paved w good intentions"

Note to all government folks: The American people will no longer accept the word of any elected or appointed government official who is not straight up with the truth. Congress has the power and enormous responsibility of oversight of all Intelligence programs, and the CIA chose to just blow Congress off with the 'what's your problem?" defense.

Time for Panetta to come clean on all the previous practices hidden from Congress and the American people and stop covering up for the CIA. Transparency is not just a concept, but a demand from the voters as represented in our Congressional leaders. We the people will not be lied to again. The Intelligence oversight team is walking the talk and under attack for a reason. Who ever said it would be easy to change the cultural choice of the majority of Americans to ignore the law, double talk, cheat, steal on every level.

Note to President Obama: As the CEO of the Democratic Party, you need to start implementing your policy and become the LBJ of our times. See polls where you are obviously losing "us" - a real time measure of your "governing" abilities. Truman desegregated the military with a Presidential order, LBJ made the Democrats pass the civil rights legislation almost by force. You need to use your power to end don't-ask-don't-tell and declassify all photos, CIA programs, illegal agency actions that were not shared with Congress, and take control of the Democrats in the Senate as the leader of your party.

Half truths and compromise is what has brought us to our knees
in the first place. Time to open all the books and memos, facilitate a major purge of all CIA issues now. This is exactly the right moment as Congress considers their budget. No more walking away from your power. We the people gave it to you so start listening to us in real time. Open the White House windows on July 30th to see who we the people are as we march in support of a public healthcare option.

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