February 2, 2009

Ownership Society Elephant: Smell of Money Behind Republican Obstructionists

Seriously, here is re-post from piece I originally wrote 2009!!! Fight the Power...VOTE the Bums Out 2014

I'm from Chicago and I have an attitude. Maybe it's the mean streets, freezing winters, or the "fixed" world we experience every day, but voters are getting the "big picture" now about why Republicans are objecting to Obama's plan.

IT"S ALL A PLOY- Listen carefully to this discussion on Morning Joe; listen carefully because Republicans are being very transparent here. If you add all the comments together from across the Republican spectrum, including the election of Michael Steele as their frontman, they are simply grabbing "change" for profit, the same economics that brought us to our knees. This is the hidden agenda- how they (them that's got) can continue to make profit during this crisis. Assessing stock futures, micr0-managing program and infrastructure specifics, demanding tax cuts for the rich, dissing what Scarborough calls "old, social welfare programs" like food stamps and unemployment comp. It is all so familiar... Republicans smell "green" money coming, to hell with the rest of the country.

Republicans will continue to manipulate the "good guy" efforts of Obama and Dems in Congress, finding any way they can to cut out labor, new competition (small business), equal opportunity, upward mobility, the entire MIDDLE CLASS once again. This is not news; this is their modus operandi.

Every single Republican criticism of the bailout focuses on burying the middle class, attacking every Main Street program, while they conjure up the New Republican party, including putting the one black person on the team in the front window. But most of all, the motive behind these actions is to divert from reality once again, make sure that we the people are left "on our own" even now. That is what Republicanism today is all about... "Ownership"... and Nancy Pelosi has their number.

The Time is Ripe for We the People to stand up and NOT allow the Republican culture of greed to take over the road to "big buck" recovery, either. Trust me, the rich smell the future, and since they have money, trying to figure out where they should put their own investments now, a new form of "insider trading" is the real motive. Ready to place their bets on "recovery" market futures, repeating the same losing behavior, Republicans will continue to exploit our natural resources, the American workforce, the stock market, the financial system, the media, all of us. Under the guise of conservative (sic) "values", know that they are simply fighting to the death for failed, "trickle-down" economics to continue. Because of this disingenuous behavior, President Obama and the Dems should not give them an inch, much less corporate tax breaks in the future.

Been there, done that.

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