January 14, 2009

Democratic Leadership MUST call a Moratorium On Home Foreclosures... Yesterday!

In case you didn't know because NO ONE in Congress is mentioning the "M" word (mortgage crisis) anymore, the 110th Congress passed the Hope for Homeowners mortgage relief act last July, and the program has failed miserably on every level. Here's the rub: Since activated in October, with no Congressional oversight at all, Bush's administration has chosen to absolutely ignore 'delivering' the Hope for Homeowners mortgage relief program through simple neglect.

And the Obama administration and Democratic majority in Congress has not acted to correct this at all. Why no outcry? Knowing this is true, why no "logical" call for a moratorium on home foreclosures while Congress checks this out, at the least? Everyday the Democrats do nothing to advance their own already funded H4H program, lenders continue to foreclose- while more folks are downsized, let go, wages continue to shrink, more foreclosures. This vicious cycle is the real story here, folks.

The Obama administration and the 111th Democratic Congress owes every American family BIG TIME as of right now. Families cannot wait one more day for Congress to get it together, figure it out, seek feedback and advice in their hearings from the banks (not the consumers) as foreclosures keep piling on every day. And, oh yeah, if I performed this poorly on my PT job?... why I'd never work 20 hrs a week max in this town again, be sleeping in a box in a week.

Democratic leaders need to "act" at this critical tipping-point-moment for millions of families. Call a bank Holiday, model Roosevelt's most successful program, take over all the loans, create new banks, and stop enabling the same losers and thieves who brought this entire nation to our knees. (Wall Street and Predatory lenders)

Besides, don't we taxpayers now own the majority stock in these "failures" by now? Subpoena their "books", bust their chops, do the math!!!!

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