December 19, 2008

Hilda Solis Appointed to Dept of Labor

What impresses me the most these days is President-Elect Obama's consistency in cabinet nominations: merit selection, with an emphasis on "person-job fit" choosing Main Street solutions as the most effective road to problem-solving. Labor Secretary nominee Hilda Solis is further proof of Obama's decision-making genius. Finally, a leader who walks the talk with transparency and common sense. What we see is what we will most probably get.

Working to re balance the playing field a top priority, President-Elect Obama chose Ms Solis for her green jobs experience and perspective on what her mission as Secretary of Labor is all about. The Bush team has almost certainly gutted this department over the last eight years through benign neglect. Given the enormous challenge ahead, President-Elect Obama has shown great confidence in the American workforce, understanding that we will deliver excellence in every area if called upon. American workers are, were, and always will be America's most important resource.

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