July 9, 2008

Compromise This Elephant: Democratics Cave on FISA

Dear Democratic Party Leaders,
What are you on? It appears that the huge voter turnout and resulting media attention during the primaries has gone straight to your heads. You still don't get that voters showing up in large numbers is the real movement here, that we are not some cult of "Obama" personality. The PARTY belongs to the people, folks, and the people are really pissed at the Party leadership in Congress.

Obama's "we'll get 'em later" cop-out regarding a FISA "compromise" is exactly why the Democrats are losing respect. On this vote, 60 senators had yet to be briefed on exactly what the FISA immunity compromise meant. Remember, these are the same folks who's job is, at the least, to read the bloody legislation before they vote. None of us regulars could get away with such gross negligence at our jobs. No wonder we are in so much trouble here... it took years and years of many people missing on the votes, and uninformed decision-making at the top for us to be this broke, this violated, this abused, not just the Bush administration.

The electorate is watching closely, and ready to fire any/all politicians who phony-up. The FISA vote was monumental... and the people feel shut down. How can Congress sleep at night?

Big Brother is here, and we are it!

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