April 27, 2008

DeFacto Racism GOP Elephant Driving Campaign Conversation

Today we learn more about Carl Rove and the Republican hate machine, playing on de facto racism, their underlying strategy should Obama be the candidate. But the really big elephant this week? When will the Dems take back the primary conversation? That's what voter's want to know. Appearing weak and out of touch, the Party leadership needs to re-focus this entire process away from the numbers and the lunatic fringe, get back to the excitement and potential of both candidates and the Party as a whole.

A well designed, high end candidate's debate in North Carolina, ala Lincoln-Douglas format, where both candidates get wonky on the issues, that is what we want to hear. On the frontline of economic challenges, lower wages, loss of benefits and job security, we the people are way ahead of the political-corporate-media class when it comes to this conversation. The huge turnouts and increase in voters this primary season, the twists and turns are not a fluke. Obviously, the voters still want both of them on the ticket, no matter what. This time the Dems can't afford to make the same mistakes, and drive voters away from the Party, burn us out with super delegate deals, mathmatical ga-ga, the either-or scenario. That's just pure ego on either candidate's part to deny this reality. If anything, these super delegates would be stone-stupid not to bring the two candidates together, in fact, they could do so right now. Obama and Clinton should start wrapping their heads around sharing the ticket as well, get used to the idea, because that is really what the voters want. Who cares who's at the top? We need a strong team and that's the real story.

To get out of the current economic and political mess that Carl Rove and the Neo cons have puppeted through Bush-Cheney, we need two giant heads working for the same goals, managed by a strong people's movement, and a Democratic Senate, House and Governorships. We must take this country back now, because the time is ripe. No matter who gets the top title, we want 'em both, no discussion. And, when the Party and media try to push this thing to an early conclusion, we'll show up in even larger numbers, just to keep all of you on the right path. We're not just here to donate to your campaigns this time around, we intend to keep on the Democratic winners in every office until the problems are fixed, too.
PARTY to the people!

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