August 31, 2004

Trickle Down Tuesday

Do you think there's something in the water? Something that triggers massive brain-freeze and knee-jerk denial whenever Bush's economic failures stare us in the face? Are we afraid to admit that we are down? Are we superstitious about criticizing any leader during seriously bad times, afraid that this house of cards will all come crashing down?

This trickle-down Tuesday, a huge elephant called "underemployment" will take center stage. This monster has definitely pooped a major boo-boo in the middle of the house, but no one wants to pick it up. A major issue for working professionals these past four years, millions of hard working, middle class families labor more hours today for less pay, receive fewer benefits, minimal overtime, while simultaneously fighting personal inflation caused by the increasing cost of foreign oil, and its trickle-down effect on the cost of food, consumer goods, transportation etc. A mighty blow to recent college grads, the underemployment elephant is now stomping on our best and brightest ambitions, our economic future, with the class of 2004 facing unbelievable debt and few professional job opportunities. Had enough yet?

Entry-level salaries are now down to around $25,000-30,000 per year. Republican "trickle down" economic theory, based upon the concept: giving tax breaks to corporations will free companies to produce more jobs and hire more people, is the big-daddy elephant of them all. Bolstered by repetitive Republican spin this week, Bush's "seriously flawed economic strategies" are being being touted by the media as successful and "stimulating". In reality, Bush's "trickling" attempts at resusitating the economy are squeezing the life out of us.

The Republican strategy "repeat a lie long enough, it becomes the truth" shows nothing but distain for any thinking person. The real numbers are there, the facts are clear. This Republican elephant is visibly hogging your paycheck, supporting "them that's got" at the expense of the rest of us. Let's face reality, no big deal, and kick"the big one" out of our white house once and for all.... since when are Americans afraid to take on the truth?
Vote early and often. (hee, hee)

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