August 29, 2004

Today's Elephant... A March on New York City

The room is chock full of elephants today, with over 250,000 protestors taking it to the streets of New York City. Surf the tube during the next commercial, stop on CSPAN and see the demonstration "live" via open cameras and ambient documentation. Support Public Access TV! Meanwhile, back at the ranch, you can click on CNN, Fox, the mainstream media and observe the careful maintenance of the status quo, littered with Republican spinmeisters dominating commercial airwaves.

United for Peace and Justice has organized a colorful gathering from all corners of American life, including military veterans, catholic priests, artists, gays, blacks, hispanics, asians, new immigrants, moms, dads amidst a multitude of boomers and seniors chanting "Bush Must Go"... Jesse Jackson kicked off "the movement" of this enormous crowd with a prayer and a commitment to peaceful demonstration and a stronger democracy. Chanting "Help is on the Way" and "Hope is in the Air" the peaceful protestors continue to express a positive, patriotic energy in spite of the few counter-demonstrators jeering as they pass Madison Square Garden.

A common cry from the protesting crowd: "Fox Go Home" and "No More Bush" brings that other elephant smack dab into the center of the room, Roger Ailes' news service known as Fox Cable News. This is the notorious elephant that has been scalding the hearts of the common folk, bombarded by politically motivated newspeak, negative advertising scoring them huge media profits, and a gossip chain of talking heads at the expense of scholarship.

Sidebar Elephant: When one political party dominates the landscape of freedom, as the Republicans who control both branches of Congress, the Executive Branch of Government, the Supreme Court and the majority of Governorships in America, then we are no longer a democracy. No checks, no balances, no democracy. With a hint of consolidation in media ownership condoned by a Republican driven agenda, Republican influence has neutralized objective journalism, a key to our independence and while the whole world is watching the fall of our free press.

Voila... le grand elephant... Our American democracy has deteriorated into "rule by the few", an oligarchy of Bush Republicans determined to manipulate and control information essential to democrative rule by the people.
Talk amongst yourselves....

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